Who we are:
Hearthlytics LLC. is a marketing and advertisement company that was founded in December 2014 by RJ Epperson and Jay Hartford to promote the eSports talent of players, streamers, and content producers.  We primarily develop advertising strategies for our partners within our social media, twitch, and competitive presence.  We also actively work with our sponsors to develop exclusive content that they can use to promote their products.

Our mission statement:
Hearthlytics LLC. is a company committed to building a marketing and advertisement platform in which other companies can promote products and services that they provide. Our aim is to act as a trusted extension of our clients' marketing departments, producing results that directly and positively impact on our clients' business objectives. We will also provide transparency into the eSports space for our sponsors as well as the players we represent.  

The Future:
For the year of 2016 we are focusing on developing 'rich non-game content' for our fans.  We hope to deliver a positive viewing experience along side the highest production quality available to us.  'Rich non-game content' will consist of, but are not limited to; Youtube 'vlogs', insightful analytic articles, and events produced to Twitch.tv.


Photo of Team Hearthlytics Founders at Twitch Con 2015: j1N and Jayford

Our Founders:
RJ and Jay decided to found Hearthlytics because of a passion they both share for eSports. Justin 'JAB' was an integral part of founding the team because he took up the role of our flagship player to represent them in competitive top tier Hearthstone play.  They would all three work together to grow the Hearthlytics brand to what you see today.

Our Players:
Hearthlytics will represent its players to the best of their ability. Providing them with transparancy into operations, financial decisions, and even including them in the decision making process if desired.  They aim to offer their players something most teams don't, a team that genuinely wants to see you succeed and to pay you what you're worth.

Our Management:
The management team at Hearthlytics has been carefully put together to effectively compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses. They believe this is a big part of their success and hope to take the team to a new level in the new year.  


Photo of Team Hearthlytics at Hearthstone America's Championships 2015: Thall, JAB, j1N, Jayford